Northern Wasco PUD

The Dalles, Oregon

The design consisted of engineering and preparation of written specifications, bill of materials and drawings.

Design of approximately 400-foot-long, 230-kV, steel pole tie-lines, conductor 1272 AAC on a self-supporting steel structures connecting BPA Quenett Creek Substation to new TLK1 substation. Responsibilities include conceptual design, plan and profile survey, bid documentation preparation, and construction engineering support.

Completion Date:  2018

Design work for which TriAxis was responsible:  100%


Wasco Electric Cooperative

DeMoss to Klondike Schoolhouse 115-kV Transmission Line

This project was designed and constructed to serve a 100 MW (maximum) wind energy generator. TriAxis performed complete design of the 10-mile-long 115-kV transmission line with 397.5 kcmil ACSR. The line consists of single-wood poles including the three self-supporting steel structures. The line is designed for a future 12.5‑kV underbuild, and a portion of a line contains 115-kV double-circuit construction.

PLS-CADD was used in all aspects of line design, including the development of structure models, the evaluation of strength and clearance requirements, and the production of plan and profile drawings. PLS-CADD provided a cost-effective solution to alignment changes required by the highway permit process. TriAxis’ services included specifications, bid document preparation, and services during the construction.

Completion Date:  2002

Work for which TriAxis was responsible:  100%