El Cabo Wind Project

TriAxis Engineering assisted with the development of a 300MW wind generation facility east of Albuquerque, New Mexico that interconnects with Public Service Company of New Mexico’s switchyard located north of Clines Corners, New Mexico. The generation project is generally known as the El Cabo Wind Generation Project (El Cabo). This Project is Phase I of a three-phase wind generation facility that will total 700MW. The transmission line will be designed to accommodate the total 700MW. The El Cabo Project substation increases the generation voltage from 34.5kV to 345kV for transmission from the project substation to PNM’s switchyard. TriAxis main role was to design the 29.6 mile 345 kV generation tie-line from the project substation to PNM’s switchyard.

TriAxis was responsible for all design requirements related to the 345 kV gen-tie line to include design and specification of all hardware, conductors (including communications and shielding conductors), support towers, and temporary facilities as required for crossings, etc. TriAxis supported the Owner through construction of the 345 kV transmission line by assisting with efforts to bid and award the construction contract for the transmission line and regular visits to the project site during construction. TriAxis has a local office with transmission line design and construction oversight experience and was onsite within one hour for unexpected occurrences and problem solving. TriAxis’ final efforts under this scope of work provided the Owner with a comprehensive as-built record to include as-built asset record drawings, material order sheets as provided by the construction contractor, and line testing/commissioning reports of the completed facility.

TriAxis also provided inspection services during the duration of the project. Inspectors Eddie Pease and Tim Cook lived onsite during the project, providing inspection services throughout the duration. Inspectors performed visual inspection services, and documentation of the inspection results.

Completion Date:  2017

Design work for which TriAxis was responsible:  100%


The design criteria utilized for the design of phases I through IV was verified and modified for the addition of ten wind turbine generators to the existing Pine Tree Wind Farm. The project included updating/revising the current padmount transformer specifications to meet the LADWP and turbine manu-factureer design specifications. To incorporate new pad mounted transformers project drawings were updated to include the new primary cable connections, secondary cable connections, conduit entrances to the wind turbine power modules, and foundations.

Design of the collection system included providing and updating design base files and coordination of the electrical design with the civil/site grading plans. Collection system studies included analysis of the current grounding transformer design to determine that the exsisting grounding transformer placement and sizing were adequate for the 10 WTG addition. The existing soil thermal resistivity analysis was reviewed and updated also.

New SCADA fiber optic systems were designed to tie into the exiting fiber optic system. New fiber runs were placed in cable trenches installed for the addition.



Lime Wind is a 3000kW wind project, interconnected with the Idaho Power 12.47kV distribution system, located on BLM land east of Lime, Oregon. The project consists of six 500kW refurbished wind generators, 690V-12.47kV step-up transformers, 12.47kV collection system, automatic switched capacitor bank for reactive power control, and interconnection to Idaho Power.

TriAxis Engineering provided conceptual design support for the Interconnection Application, review of the System Impact Study and Facilities Studies, review and technical support during negotiation of the Interconnection Agreement, materials specification (transformer, cable, capacitor bank, sectionalizing cabinets), design review, medium voltage collection system design, low voltage interconnection design, programming for the capacitor bank control, and other support from project inception through commissioning.